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2008 NSX Pictures

rickysals said:

and it's a photo-chop of a Cadillac... not an NSX.

A Hondallac maybe? Nice artists rendition though.....

Where do you suppose that roof scoop goes?

I like it- I like the Caddy show car as well.

Admit it though- if the next X looked like that, there would be a line like there was in 91. that is pretty damn sweet looking.
Sounds like its going to be more like a Lotus, small agile, car... Not much meat in the article though...

Traslation of that page:

Although the development team of the previous NSX have met and brokenup numerius times, It seems that this time they have official go to start to a new NSX project.

The Theme of this new NSX project is: "Compactification".

Although there is a lot of hope of a new multi cylinder engine, the present thinking is to continue the V6 design, but also to start fresh and redesign a whole new engine.
The Engine is said to be a 3600 cc engine.

Another topic that is being discussed along with down sizing the body is the horizontal mounting of the engine.