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2018 NSX Steering wheel carbon fibers replacement

26 April 2023
Hello NSX Families, I have a 2018 NSX with the silver NSX steering wheels. I want to change the two parts below into Carbon Fiber pieces. I know you can change the front CF piece by disassemble the steering wheel, but I don't know if you can change to top leather part. Any idea since the part was sold as a replacement part.

Also, I would love to buy the OEM CF steering wheels if anyone replace their to aftermarket and would like to sell.


A little bit of a difficult read, but it sounds like you want to change the top flat grip on the steering wheel to carbon?

From what I can tell in the workshop manual and that parts exploded view, it appears that the grip portion of the steering wheel is considered one complete piece. I can go check mine here in a bit to see if it splits anywhere, but it looks like you would be ordering a whole steering wheel grip.
We have a few OEM NSX CF wheels if that is what you are interested in?

Or we build tons of custom NC1 NSX CF wheels to each customer's request, see here:

Youtube channel:

questions feel free to shoot us a PM or email!