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235 width tires in the front Pro/Con?


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17 April 2000
Northern VA
Hi guys, I feel that my 215/40ZR17 tires are a little too small in the front. I feel that the front tires are too small for both turning and braking compared to the 275 width tire in the rear. I'm considering going with 235 width tire when the fronts are worn, but I wonder what the downsides are other than rubbing. I can live with the rubbing. Will it induce more understeer? I'm sticking with street tire at this time.

I use 235 front on track and you know how well balanced my 235/275 combo is.In fact if your 215 275 combo is understeering feeling then 235 should feel less so not more so_Other than a slight increase in tire weight and the rub which you can live with I don't see any other significant downsides.
I use 235's up front and 285's in back for the street. With the 17" TE-37 and S0-3 combo the tire/wheel weighed as much* as the stock 15" combination. Though the MOI was greater. I like my the combination overall though selection seems to be a bit limited in track tires. I'll be using 245's up front this year. If it's increased braking from tires that you want, then any taller tire (of similar compound) will deliver better performance.