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Exterior 3 Bar LED Tail Lights (Needs Repair)


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12 May 2006
Virginia Beach, VA
Bought the LED "3 Bar" kit from BLT (http://www.nsxprime.com/forum/showthread.php/148614-Bright-Light-Tech-NSX-LED-Lighting-Products) and installed these myself. Long story short I failed to seal the driver side tail light correctly and water collected on the inside and by the time I noticed that all of the LED's were not lighting up it was a bit too late. If you know electronics, solder can corrode pretty quickly. My lesson learned is that is you purchase a LED kit, have a pro perform the install.

I do not have the time to repair these, for someone that knows what CREE LEDs to use and has the skill/time - this could be a worthwhile project for you. The good news is that I properly sealed the passenger side tail and everything works/lights up as intended. The LED controller works great with no issues and I even have plenty of the sealant to include. I'll let the pictures do the talking:

The brake LEDs pretty much have a entire row that was affected by moisture.

And here they are lit up (very bright so I had to take pictures at a angle to show which LEDs work/do not work).

Two of the six rows are non-functional.

And here they are lit up, again very bright.

Turn Signal:
The bottom row and about 3x of the second row LEDs are non-functional.

Very bright, could not capture the non-illuminated LEDs.

Controller and sealant:

Passenger Side Taillight:
I would rate this tail in 8/10 condition with no scratches or cracks. It is ready to install.

Turn Signal (all LEDs work from what I can tell):

Brake (all LEDs work from what I can tell):

Reverse (again, all LEDs light up):

Again, BLT's kit is of high quality and if I had installed these properly I have no doubts that it would be 100% operational. I do not feel the circuit boards are damaged beyond repair and would recommend that you replace the burnt out LEDs prior to installing. Not sure the value of these in their current state but there is the passenger tail that is 100% functional and already ready to go so I feel SOLD is a fair price considering this. Please PM me if you have any questions and thank you for your time.

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