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3 loud ticks when ignition is turned on

22 December 2020
Hey guys, new to the NSX scene.

Have a 91” with 99xxxkms on the clock.

Other day when I turned the ignition on (did not start car just ignition on) there were 3 loud clicks from under the hood where the blower motor module is located.

Sounded like a relay but was too loud to be a relay.

It happened every time- I did it maybe 4 times.

Anyone have any idea maybe what to look for when I tackle this issue?

Cheers heaps.
Could be the ABS modulator if under the hood. Have a search, you will find loads of info on it. My advice would be to treat your car to the MY2000+ ABS system and not have to worry about it again.
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Have a helper to listen for the the noise in the front and maybe touch the relays.
I’ll try record it and see what I can find.

Thanks heaps for the input.

2000 model+ ABS MODULE. what’s wrong with the good old 91model one?

I’ll do some research on it.

Interesting info.