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#5 Zanardi for sale in Canada $288,000

Looks like it's been in a time machine. Based on BaT prices last year (which this car would certainly qualify) it certainly could fetch that price.
At the current exchange rate, $288K Canadian is $229K USD, therefore this Zanardi is well within the range with 29K miles, also assuming that all paper work, No accident etc are in order.

After all these years, I had no info on this one. We've tracked 39/51. Based off trending values. definity worth the asking price or close to it. $229k with 18k miles, two owner car with all documentation since new seems reasonable to me in this market.

Wait till the next wave of fresh NC1 owners want an NA1/2 in the collection, only going up IMO.
Ha Ha, I guess it's the Canadian dollars making this a Plus $100K to the upside on the price.

I'm Not sure what Dayton Auto paid for the Zanardi #5 , however based on BAT pricing, I would guess that they paid between $180-200K Canadian, plus import fees of 11.1% imports Duties, and other taxes. The Ontario 13% registration taxes are paid when registered.

Taking the highest estimated number, they probably paid approximately $222K Canadian for the Zanardi. (Assuming they purchase this car from the US) I only know of two Zanardi's currently in Canada.

Based on my notes from all 51 Zanardi's: the last entry for #5 was in 2006 when it was noted of having 11551 miles and it was Invine, CA, with license plate ZNRDI5. No noted accidents or damage.