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6speed 3.2 with Comptech SC needs clutch

17 November 2002
Santa Barbara, CA, USA
I noticed recently that my clutch can no longer handle the torque of the Supercharger at high rpms when shifting. Otherwise in normal driving it is fine. Who out there has a 97 or later model car with a comptech supercharger 6lbs.? What clutch have you gone with? Since I drive my car primarily on the street. I do not want to have to develop large leg muscles in order to drive in traffic. I don't mind a bit more pressure. I tried a search and got some info. Also what am I looking at for installation? What will handle the sc but does not make normal driving difficult?



I have a brand spanking new twin disc Exedy Clutch that I was going to put in my NSX but never got to. It has a purple lightweight casing.

I can't recommend the exedy. It was terrible to drive unless it was a 100% track car. The guys car I drove that had it ended up selling it for the OEM again.