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90's Japanese Photo shoot with TMashPhotos Sunday October 28th

22 October 2012
Franklin, TN
So, I know I am new here-so maybe you count this as my introduction haha. I am generally not on the NSX forums because I don't own an NSX, I own a MKIV Supra-but this doesn't mean I don't appreciate NSX's!

I wanted to invite you to the photo shoot coming up this Sunday! If you haven't seen Tanners work, it is something you need to see for yourself. He is an automotive photographer here in Middle Tennessee and is work is extremely good. https://www.facebook.com/TMashPhotos

What: 90's Iconic Japanese Cars Photo shoot
When: NOVEMBER 4TH 2012 @2PM
Where: Meeting at the Cool Springs Movie theater - Carmike Thoroughbred 20
633 Frazier Drive, Franklin, TN
Who: Anyone with an iconic 90's Japanese car (see below)
Photographer: Tanner from TMashPhoto's (check out his work here https://www.facebook.com/TMashPhotos)

What I need from you. I need to know who is planning to attend this event. It will be a good event to hang out, and get some pictures of your car taken by an excellent photographer.

What you are going to get from this: This meet is going to be just a day with the most iconic 90's Japanese cars. You will get to be in a few pictures, and you will also be getting an individual shot of your car.
I want to convey the following point. Your car will not be in every photo if we get the amount of cars we are expecting. At some point during the event, we will get a big group shot. I just don't want people getting offended when 4 or 5 cars are asked to go setup for a shot, and someone doesn't get picked to go. You will end up in many pictures, but not every picture.

Prints will be available for purchase for any pictures taken at the event through Tanner.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. You can PM here and I will do my best to respond as quickly as possible.

Currently we have the following cars attending:
Trenton (me) - 97' MKIV Supra
Jay - 300zx
Milon - MKIV Supra ...pending...
Stefan - MKIV Supra
Chris - RX-7 FD TT
Wheelman - NSX
Andrew R34/R33 ...pending...
Eric (TruShine) NSX ...pending...

We have a good list, but we are looking for more NSX and RX-7s.

Like I said before, any questions-feel free to ask!
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If anyone was interested in this, we had to reschedule. Due to circumstances out of our control, we have moved the date to November 4th.

Let us know if you plan on attending!

Thanks guys!
I (Wheelman13 on that list) will be unfortunately occupied with an Autocross on the 4th. If I weren't still mathematically alive for a championship, this is going to be a fun shoot for any who can make it.
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