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92' w/02'-05 wheels, spacer question?

12 October 2011
Denver, Co
Stock height, stock brakes and looking to add 02' oem wheels. I know I need a 5mm spacer in the front. What would be a good front and rear combo to avoid rubbing or issues with the combo? I do not track the car the car. Pics would be nice if you have them.
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Are you looking to just getting the wheels on the car or trying to fill out the wheel wells while you're at it? If the later then I've seen some owners running H&R 25mm adapters front/rear.
sorry for the crappy quality pics but this is my 97 with 25mm front and rear to give you an idea.

I'm lowered on koni shocks and h&r springs, no rubbing whatsoever. my front tires are 205's and rears are 255's. I have no idea if 215 Fronts would rub or not. I will take side pics for you tomorrow when I get home.
o really i thought the stock tire size was 215
I have the H&R 25mm adapters for the front if you need it $150 shipped.

Yes 215 is OEM recommended but if you don't mine slight rub when turning all the way & more aggressive look, then try 225 or 235.
215/40-17 won't rub. I wouldn't go any wider than that unless you're getting R compound tires to use on a racetrack.
what kind of rubbing are you getting btw
My 96 nsx-t came with 10 or 15mm in the fronts ( pretty sure it's 15mm) and 25mm in the rears.. I'm on 215/255/40/17 tires... Lowered on h&r springs... It does rub a bit against the fender lining when hitting bumps or dips at normal speeds but no fender rubbing when going on driveways

Here's my setup. Sorry for the crap pics

I say 25 rear, 15 in front. it will not rub.
So basically would make sense that the only reason I don't rub with 25mm spacers is because of my 205 tires vs 215