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96 Brooklyns Green Tan Interior 60k miles

10 October 2022
hello. how much would you pay for a 96 brooklyns green tan interior 60k mile NSX with a manual transmission? car is currently single owner who bought it from acura upon release. hes had it since and is an older gentleman, 60+. car is clean title, but has been in a rear end leading to some paint scrapes. other than that, it looks incredibly in good shape. he accepted my offer and in my opinion, it is a great price. what would you price this nsx at?
Asking about the price after making an offer seems like an opportunity to poke yourself in the eye with a stick. However, if you need to reenforce your decision you will probably find the best pricing information here:

no sense in guessing what the car looks like without pics/mileage/maintenance/more info on rear body work