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97+ Manual re Standard Height Measurement

25 October 2001
Northern California
The 1991 manual at page 18-6 says the standard height measured from the control arm bolts are:

Front: 6.7" - 7.1"
Rear: 8.4" - 8.9"

The front is 25% lower than the rear. Has this changed with the 97+ model year? 2002+?

I know the Zanardi was lowered by about 0.5", but can we get the actual front/rear heights for Zanardi and the Type Rs ...

Edit: Niello Acura checked the 1999 Manual, same page 18-6 and the measurements are the same (both NSX/NSX-T). They are still looking for a Zanardi manual; not sure if there was one or it was simply a supplement .... perhaps our brethren in Japan who have Type Rs, Type S ..... may be able to answer.
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