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A/C noise....

24 July 2000
I've been getting a noise from the front of the car when the AC is on, and it goes along with whatever the RPMs are doing... so if i rev it up, the sound goes with it... its sounds kind of like a whine... and it goes off as soon as i hit the AC button to turn it off... whats the problem here?

Also, now that its getting warmer here in atlanta, it takes a good 5-10 minutes to cool off the interior of my car after its been sitting in the sun... is this normal? I was just out to lunch and noticed that it really wasnt getting as cold as it should be. Could the condensers be going bad? A leak somewhere maybe? What kinds of costs are involved with servicing the AC?

Thanks, -Electro
It is very hard to try and diagnose stuff like that remotely. Sounds like possibly a compressor problem. A/C is a pretty complicated system. Best to have an AC technician check it out.

Cost starts to get really high if you have to replace any components.

I would strongly suggest you do not run it at all until you have it checked. There are several things, compressor included, that will cause further (and expensive) damage to the system if you continue to run them when they are having problems and suddenly you're looking at a $2k repair bill.
Shite! I have my car going into the shop again on monday to check out the clunking sound when I go over bumps, and also to check out the grinding sound coming from the axle area.... not to mention another sound that just started coming from the rear bank of cams near the rear of the car... sounds like a low whistling sound only near and around idle...

So I'll have them check the A/C at the same time... hopefully it wont be anywhere near the $6k bill i wrote on it just a few weeks ago!

I think I've figured out all the sounds...

The sound from the A/C is the compressor...Which I've already bought and plan on putting on one of these days... now that its winter time I can wait.

The clunking sound (i'm almost sure of it) is just a worn rack on the rack and pinion steering assembly which from what I understand isn't that big of a deal to buy and replace.

Hope this helps! -Electro
What? There's an AC in the NSX? Dangit!
There's another 50lbs I have to pull out of there.
Does the clunking sound from the rack and pinion happen only when hitting bumps in the road at moderate speeds? I have a noise that sounds the same and I am currently trying to figure it out. It is kind of a dull sound that sounds like something is loose up front, but I have had no luck finding anything loose.
Yes... I dont notice it at highway speeds... altho I do try to avoid any bumps at high speeds!

I haven't yet replaced the rack ...but I feel that's what it is.

I had the A/C checked om my '91 by an expert.
It was a little low on gas, he couldn't get more than 10°C (in the blower).
He let out the R12 and replaced it with a
special mixture he developed himself.
No need for a OEM conversion-kit, he said.
When this was done, the noise of the compressor was reduced with about 60%.
It is acceptable.
Also he got about 3°C, it was really cold
very fast. Cost about 140 dollars.
You think that's ok ?
There ARE substitutes for R-12 (freon) on the market that don't require the conversion kit, such as Freeze 12. That part doesn't concern me.

What concerns me are three things:

1. Whatever the problem was, it probably is still not fixed and likely to resurface.

2. Why the reluctance to install a proven R-134a conversion kit that costs $60?

3. Based on both of the above issues, this sounds to me like a technician who is not familiar with servicing NSX's. For major repairs that are specific to the NSX - and the A/C seems to be a problem area - I only let my car get serviced by someone with a lot of NSX experience. I don't like paying for someone else's learning time (or the increased chances of errors and/or guesses that turn out to be wrong).
Well I ended up figuring it out... I think it's the A/C compressor... I have a brand new A/C compressor and all the components... just not the R134a conversion kit.

To those who may be interested in buying this car, this is the only needed repair in which I will include the A/C compressor in the asking price which is now $26,800.

I wanna sell this car before I get my new job in Cali...

Thanks guys for your input! -Electro
ok, I understand but in our country there are only about 50 NSX's so it is imossible to find an expert on NSX. Same with extras or special conversions. I probably have to wait 3 months before I have a conversion kit delivered ( from US).
I have this problem with the ALB/TCS falling out and this technician cannot find the problem either.To reach this dealer I also have to drive almost an hour.
Anyway, I will post whatever happens.