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A car that I made!

21 September 2002
Lawrence, MA
Well I was bored on saturday and I'm currently taking PTC Pro/Desktop lessons in school, and I have had this car that I designed about 4-5 years ago so I was determined to make it into a 3d model. So here is the result of my first attempt to make a 3d model of the car I designed. Its not exactly how I wanted it to come out but currently I'm working on the next one which looks slightly better, but I think I'm going to have to make about 3 more different ones, before its all perfect. I would like the next nsx to look like this, especially the rear, which I think you guys would like too.

If you guys remember this is the car I made which I and another member on this forum *cough, cough* had an arguement about. Please tell me what you guys think of the design.




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hey guys in about an hour I will upload the picture of the new one that I just finished doing about an hour ago. Looks better because its more in parts than just one solid piece but the height came out too tall so I'll fix that problem with the next one I make.
Pictures of the new model that I made

I feel that the car is too tall and long so I don't like it as much as the other one, but I like the fact that this has A and b pillars instead of a face painted a whitish color.




not bad at all. Very impressive how you brought in some of the NSX look. The hood area is a bit too bold for me. I would imagine it would produce excellent down force :smile:

also, if you could find a way to bring that front tire closer to the front...it would look better. I would guess that could happen if the hood was modified. Just some thoughts....

Thanks for the post
Your first renditions reminded me of the Audi Avus concept,your later one is starting to look like a Grand-Am daytona prototype.It pays to keep making subtle changes,keep us posted on the morphs.