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A comptech NSX passed me today..something funny though....

3 September 2000
phoenix az, usa
So I am driving north on Scottsdale RD today in Phx AZ. This rediculous looking integra pulls up beside me with his misic blaring. An lo and behold behind him is what I think is THE Comptech NSX (unless there is more than one) white with red dual stripe up the front...white rims and a big wing on the back Any way, the strange thing is it looked like he had turn signals built into his side view mirrors...they looked really cool. Was wondering if they are available.
Originally posted by Jazz:
I don't think those are turn signals...just vinyl, but I could be wrong

You ARE wrong. They ARE turn signals. That car is the world famous Dali Racing NSX . Mark was just out there for NSXPO in Atlanta. He drove all the way out here from California. If you look closely at the photos, you can see that they front nose has the turn signals closed over. The mirrors are a HONDA item very similar to the ones used on the BMW Motorcycles. They are available as a Honda Part Number.

Gordon G. Miller, III
2000 NSX-T #51 Yellow/Black
That is Mark Johnson's NSX, of Dali Racing fame, and not a Comptech NSX. Mark owns Dali Racing and makes part for the NSX and other Acura vehicles. The website is www.daliracing.com . In fact, I doubt there is even one piece of Comptech equipment on his NSX.