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A Disk vs O Disk vs. R Disk...

23 May 2003
El Dorado Hills CA
Can anyone tell me what A disk, O disk and R disk mean when I look at the wheel selections on the Work Wheels website? Which ones do we need for an NSX and why?

Thanks - Ed
Hope you can read Japanese. The disk type has to do with the spacing for big brake kits. This picture might help out a little. Basically you'd pick a "O" disk for the rear to get the max size lip. You'd pick a "R" disk to get max brake clearance and the least amount of lip. "A" disk is somewhere in between.

From what I know, the disc designation "A" / "O" / "R" is in regard to the amount of center piece contour. I recently ordered "R" disc and the lip is still wide but the spokes are contoured more and give a greater brake clearance. The flange that the center attaches to is only a few mm different between the different faces. It is a combination of disc face and rim width that creates "Lip".

I still have to get mine mounted and then I will post some photos on the car.
See pics here:
IMO- these look great :biggrin:
Thanks Tom!