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A question for Targa owners...

27 March 2000
Palos Verdes, CA
Do you find that your NSX-T draws more attention with the top on or off?

Perhaps it is my imagination, but I'm pretty sure that I hear more comments with it off...but that may simply because I can actually HEAR comments with the top off (I don't usually drive around with my windows down when I have the top on).

--akira3D ('00 NSX-T red/black #113)
"Reality is better than the dream..."

I really dont know the answer to that question. The car gets so much attention either way... Might be as you mention, you are more aware with the top off.
I find no difference really...

The car gets attention. Period.

Lately, the amount of attention has been overwhelming... The NSX can do wonders for one's social life.

Too bad I am married
I actually don't drive the car that much with the top off. I guess I'm kinda lazy to put the top on and off. I'm just happy to get behind the wheel of my NSX each time I take it our for a spin. All I know is that the car never fails to attract attention from other cars when I'm stopped at an intersection. I took the car down PCH with the top off and I noticed not as many people staring at my car. I guess they're so used to having convertibles and other exotics drive on that road that nobody notices anymore!

'00 NSX-T, silverstone/blk, #252
The only time I have the top on is when it's just too cold(you know when it's about 65 degrees) here in So Cal. My car being yellow, I think it gets quite a bit of attention either way. Most of the time I'm watching out for dumb drivers making idiotic moves. Lot of thumbs up and nice car comments.
Interesting. When I had an NSX-T (for about 2-years), I literally NEVER took the top off. So I traded it in for a late model coupe...
If it is sunny and I'm driving anywhere that takes more than 15 minutes, I take the top off. I had to have the targa because I absolutely love driving with the top off. I'd love a full convertible too, which is why I REALLY wish I could convince my wife to get the S2000.

Last night I drove home from a party (in Malibu) with the top off. With a little help from the heater, even chilly SoCal nights can be enjoyed with the top off.

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I don't think the attention is any different. The type of attention changes. When the top is on I get a LOT of RICE cars targeting me. Lot's of kids with thumbs up. To be honest when the top is off I notice more women checking it out (or is it me
)! Don't tell my wife or I'll have to sell it!
I definitely get more attention with the top off. I think its because people know immediately that it is a late model car and more expensive than the coupe. I think that early model non-black coupes don't get as much attention.