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A real working side scoop

henry in japan in the yahoo auctions they have something similar for US$500.
I'll see if I can find the link.
You mean this?


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yeah thats it!
so someone makes it already..but it wrecks the flow of the car I think.
Don't mean to change the subject but that front chin spoiler looks pretty nice too. Anyone making that?
Separated at birth...

Side scoop and roof scoop

I would be up for a goiterous side scoop. :wink:
Hey,,ken,it is oem!Funny how that association still sticks Sax=oem when we know that is not true :wink: I think the latin name for the hatch scoop is Bagoduce! :tongue:
I'm always wonder if it will get blew right off the fender at 150mph??

or realistically, it won't even break the 130mph barrier since the air resistance is so high now??
Please don't get me wrong, the oem works, but I know the nsx-r gt side scoop will work even better, that's all.

I was hoping with a huge side scoop like that on the right side, I can channel some usable air to an oil cooler.

anybody know who makes the side scoop?

I kinda like the look.
nsxhk said:
I was hoping with a huge side scoop like that on the right side, I can channel some usable air to an oil cooler.
Has your oil ever overheated? Mine hasn't (and I don't have an oil cooler). Not even during 10K actual track miles...
I think that GT NSX looks like one of those civic racers got ahold of it. I dont think a street car can get away with having a street car body and a couple of race car looking parts on it. But then again looks arent everything.
DB92 said:
where do those side scoops lead to? Is one for the air box?
On most cars yes...

However, I NEED this bigger air scoop for BOTH sides!

Currently my air-air intercoolers are fed directly from my side air intakes. My current air intake temperature is 55 deg C. With greater air flow I should be able to reduce this hopefully...

So, if someone is making them... I am buying them. OEM is already out because they have already said that they will not be making spares!


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