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A1 Cardone 11-2800 replacement brake master cylinder

22 September 2005
Just a quick post about the Cardone 11-2800 brake master cylinder. The original master cylinder had become spongy and was leaking fluid past the seal so I found this one on EBay from a seller called Carid for around $75 plus shipping. It is remanufactured but in brand new condition. It is shipped complete with a couple of the plastic plugs and tubes which are used for bench bleeding the cylinder prior to fitting it to the car, so there are no extra bleeding parts to buy for the install.

I was pretty surprised with how easy the swap over was and was done in about an hour and a half. Pop a rag under the master cylinder, empty the reservoir with a turkey baster or syringe, undo the brake lines with a 10m wrench, undo the two nuts holding the cylinder onto the servo with a 12mm wrench and it comes out very easily. Clean up the white plastic fluid reservoir and swap it over to the new master cylinder, bench bleed using the supplied plugs and tubes, and reinstall in the car.

I bought a pneumatic brake fluid bleeder from Harbor Freight for $30, hooked it up to my compressor, set the pressure to 100 PSI and then sucked the old fluid out of the brake lines. As the cleaner fluid comes through, stop using the pneumatic bleeder, have someone gently press the brake pedal part way down and lock the bleed valve down on the caliper.

The Cardone 11-2800 master cylinder was a very easy part to install for the '95 NSX-T for a job that seemed like it was going to be a lot more involved than it actually was.