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AC on Engine feel like?

10 March 2000
does anyone else notice this? when the ac is on my nsx...the engine feels like it draggs a bit....now i understand this on like a honda civic...i usually don't feel this with higher horsepower cars.....it also makes these kinda funny noises i hate

It is normal or my car is just in need of replacement

The AC draws a few HP. You can feel it more at low RPM than high. It shouldn't make "funny noises." The only noise mine makes the is compressor running which sounds about like any other car AC.
I definitely experienced the car dragging when I would put the AC compressor on. It was for that reason that I always left it off. The car would feel noticably slower with the AC on. As far as noises go, you should have the car checked out. Perhaps some tension in the pulley for the compressor is not only making noise, but creating extra drag as well.

Franklin R. Campione,
98 NSX-T w/ Comptech Supercharger.
I wonder if another contribution to the seemingly sluggish response is the fact that days when you NEED A/C, it's HOT! The pure fact that you are sucking hot air may be another factor. Just a thought.