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Acura ENZO??

23 October 2000
Saint Augustine, FL
Take a look at these pix of an ENZO prototype. I think it looks a LOT like a NSX - especially from the rear! If only Honda could have made this car!!!


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NetViper said:
Take a look at these pix ..... If only Honda could have made this car!!!

You are kidding right??? :wink:

Looks like some 80's-90's style Ferrari to me :confused:
91 X said:
You are kidding right??? :wink:

Looks like some 80's-90's style Ferrari to me :confused:

From the rear, with a little work it would be a sweet NSX. The front is old-school ferrari though.
Wide and Low!
Has some nice angles to it.
Let me get me protractor.
Is that on Adobe Photoshop v6.0 or 8.0?

Its totally obvious that the front of the car is a F348, the rear of the car looks like a F355 or something. The protracted mid-rear section looks like it was taken from a 328 or a 512BB? A little rough from the days of being a ferrari freak...until reality hit me and said, youre not getting a ferrari till mid 30s at least....
The story is here:

It looks like a cross between a 348 and a 355.
robr said:
dont see any resemblence at all, looks like a hodgepodge of various ferraris to me

You honestly don't think it resembles a NSX from the rear?
looks like an mr-2 :tongue:
I'm going to look into side exhaust on my 91 tomorrow.
You suckers will be jealous!!!
I want mine to zoom out more.
maybe it is just me..


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FWIW this is the real prototype of the Enzo (the car NetViper posted is only a mule for testing the engine if the story is real but it smells, why build that?).

The Ferrari FX developed in 2001:


And yes it has something NSXistic in it, the black top! :)