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Acura nose emblems in other colors?

9 September 2001
Long Island, NY, US
Are Acura nose emblems available in colors other than black?

'91 black/black
I have a metallic Acura emblem with a red background, purchased from Razo.
To be honest I went thru this process two weeks ago, when trying to USDM-ize my euro model and it was not easy at all to find good quality one (I used deja.com, now groups.goggle.com to locate a good source). I ended up buying the APC ones, they are quite good quality.but I cannot compare them to OEM ones.
Dali was my first contact (I love to buy from Mark
) but he only carrys H-logo not A-logo!
Very easy, I received directions from Miled some time ago: you have to use an hairdryer and heat the front logo then alternate some "sawing" work with a very thin nylon thread to detach the emblem from the hood. Some polish when you finish to take away the remaining double-sided tape. 15 minutes is a realistic time.