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Honda emblems for 2022 NSX?

20 October 2021
I'm enjoying the heck out of #288. Wondering if anyone can help me source a set of Honda emblems compatible with the Type S? I noticed SOS has them, but that description says they are not compatible with Type S. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

By the way, the car is fantastic. I have a cool garage with some big hitters in it... The Type is clearly the best kept secret of all time. Can't get enough of driving it in the canyon. Truly an epic car and so happy to have one.
I personally would not change the oem emblems because they are unique to the S being black..
Don't want to hijack this thread but since it's not very active, I'll ask a related question here.

I've never liked the silver emblems on the non-S car and had removed them on my 2018 and 2020. I like the black emblem on the S. I have removed the emblems on my current black 2021 but the car also looks odd without emblems. A few questions.

1. Will the black emblems for the S fit a 2021 (the placement is different and not sure if the emblems have a curvature)?
2. Does anyone know the part number for the black emblems on the S? I couldn't find a parts diagram for the S.
3. Do you think it will look stupid to paint my current silver emblems and re-attach them? Black would probably look fine. I think red would look cool...but I can also see how it would look stupid too.

We can finish any set of emblems in carbon fiber or black easily so that isn't really an issue.

If you just want black you can paint it yourself as others have suggested.

good luck!

Do you think it would look silly to paint the emblems red (on a black car)? I used to chuckle when I would see how some people "customize" their cars. And now I'm considering an equally silly customization.
there are actually companies that make tinted of colored vinyl overlays that folks use to change the color of car emblem's..
There are many companies but one I have seen folks order from is "reflective overlays"