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Acura Pembroke Pines 2017 Test Drives

9 September 2005
Central FL
Thanks so much to RJ (bzyrice) and Acura of Pembroke Pines for our gathering this morning and test drive of a new 2017 NSX. There were, what, 8-9 of us there? Even some of the relatives of the NSX owners got rides. Too bad the tropics brought us rain.

Here are my impressions of the new NSX, and from what I’ve read, these sentiments echo reviews I’ve already read. This is a fantastic car. If I weren’t so close to maybe retiring next spring, I’d be seriously considering it. But I’d lay off the option sheet. The extra $$ for the carbon brakes, and cosmetic carbon body panels and optional paint colors might not be worth it; this is a fantastic car at $150k. At $200k it’s still a wonderful car but might not represent as high a value proposition. But if you’ve got it, baby, flaunt it.

I was really surprised, as also others have mentioned, how civil the car is. In Sport and especially Quiet mode, the car is quite comfortable. I thought the ride also was very civil, not as harsh as I expected. The steering in Quiet and Sport was a little too light for my tastes. Sport+ (we weren’t allowed to try Track) sharpened most of the controls and turned it into more of a driver’s car. Too bad the drive mode settings can’t be mixed and mingled like, I believe, BMW allows.

The seats are comfortable but I only experienced them in a 20-minute test drive. But they were comfortable and supportive enough that I have a feeling they’d be fine for a three- or four-hour road trip.

The acceleration was quite eye-opening. I thought the transmission in auto mode was extremely well programmed. Even if automatic mode it held gears if driven aggressively, and went back into cruising mode automatically when driver inputs were more “normal”. If I owned this car I’d be in automatic mode nearly all the time, saving manual shifting to when I was feeling sporty, and definitely would select manual for track work.

I was also surprised at the brake pedal feel. Just like the steering, if you didn’t tell me there was no direct connection between the controls and the mechanical operating bits, I’d never know it.

I noticed some wear on the driver’s seat bolster, not unlike how Gen 1.0 seats wear.

Overall, my impressions are extremely favorable. I’d love to have one.