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Advan wheel assistance required

29 April 2010
Bellingham, WA
I'm trying to track down and more so verify a wheel that I'm being told is discontinued by some and others say a new model is available..

It's the Advan Kreutzer Series Xi for European models which accommodates 5x108 which is my other vehicles bolt pattern.

I was hoping an Advan dealer could chime in and shed some light since Vivid Racing just told me no go and Upgrade Motoring said otherwise. Sorry it's not NSX related, I just know Advan is a common wheel on this site and the experts could quickly chime in.

I checked the official JP site and sure enough they are listed...

I'm after either the 18x8 or 19x8 5x108 Xi depending on price tag. Might just sauce up my Fikse FM10's if they are too steep.