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AEM FIC Great option for piggyback system.

24 December 2004
Northern VA
I run a BBSC with aftercooler and a 10 LB pulley. 392 HP
Runs a little rich as it was tuned with 91 octane and I run 93.
Make sure you get the right box30-1911 and run the right Firmware Z110.hex.
Mike makes the harnesses for plug and run.
Warning do not use the latest version of Firmware!!!

Mike at Autowave did a great job on the tuning. I would like to thank Shane for giving his son the same sickness for cars that he has.
They have a Turbo set up that made 570 HP. If I didn’t get the HP right he will correct me. If the correction comes it will be because they turned up the boost and made more power. The workmanship was outstanding. He has 5 systems in production. Don’t miss getting one…. if I wasn’t so deep in my setup I would put one immediately on my car and I am sure in the future I will have one. I don’t think you need more than 400 RWHP unless you track it.
I used the FIC to keep the OBD 2 for emission purposes. It made 392 HP and got 34.5 MPG. This box has been run for 5,000 miles in 15 days and has worked flawlessly. I have a light flywheel and the car surges at idle unless you have the clutch in or your foot resting heavily on the pedal. This is common; on the 5 other Comptech SC cars we have only one doesn’t surge from time to time at idle. I know AEM is somewhat difficult to work with as a company and have been unreliable in the passed. I will tell you how they treat me on the return of the box they sent me first a 30-1910. The right box is a 30-1911. Chris at SOS was gracious enough to sell me one in a pinch.
The FIC seems to be perfect.
Special thanks to Ross at STMPO!!!