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Aftermarket Headers - Do I need shorter O2 extension wire for rear headers?

14 February 2012
Melbourne, Aus
Hi Everyone,

My baby is going in for a major service on Monday at Honda where they're also going to install aftermarket headers for me.

I received my DC Sports headers yesterday and the kit came with one lengthy O2 extension wire. The manual confirms this is correct.

I've also seen some kits provide a shorter O2 extension wire for the rear headers.

I've got a '93.

For those that have installed aftermarket headers, do I need a short O2 extension for the rear headers?

I gave DC Sports a call in the US and they said 95% it shouldn't but not quite comfortable with the remaining 5% chance. :|

I'm not sure if Honda would be comfortable extending the wire if required....................(I'm providing them with new Bosch sensors so they can reuse the old O2 sensor wiring).

I'm even tempted to just extend one of the new sensors slightly myself using some other old O2 sensor that I have....

Thanks in advance!
I've only ever used the stock ones , however it does depend on where the O2 sensor port is on the pipe .

Hi mate!

Do you mean you've never had to extend your oxygen sensor wires? The stock ones are enough?

I've got two new Bosch O2 direct fit sensors to install.

The O2 bung hole for the rear header is quite close to the the flange where it connects to the adapter before the CAT.
I've got Top Speed headers and they came with extenders. The O2 sensors are next to the heads OEM but way down the exhaust system near the cats for Top Speed.

BTW these headers were one of the best mods I've done, real power gains and the best sounding car I've ever owned, bar none.
Thanks Sparky.

I'm getting the additional one sent to me via Express International from the states.

I'll see if they need it for the rear headers as the O2s are also close to the cat.....but the Bosch O2 sensors I'm using have 4cm more compared to the OEM rear O2s.

If they do need it and my extenders don't come in time, I'll just get them to reuse the old front header O2 sensor for the time being................

I'm assuming it won't be a big deal for me to install the new sensor later (I have the O2 sensor removal tool and the rear header's easier to reach?).