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Aftermarket steering wheel with factory airbag?

10 April 2001
Austin, TX
Just wondering if anyone had ever looked into this. The leather on my steering wheel has some nicks/cuts and is coming off. I was looking at aftermarket setups, but like the idea of the airbag.

Does anyone manufacture an aftermarket steering wheel that mounts on the normal steering wheel points around the factory airbag? Or is this just not going to happen? I looked at getting a "new" steering wheel, and it was expensive (like $900, IIRC).
Well, I like the look and feel of the aftermarket steering wheels like the one at Science of Speed with the squared-off bottom, but I don't want to go without an airbag.
There are no aftermarket systems that will work with the OEM airbag. MOMO makes wheels with airbags for OEM manufactures (ie. Subaru WRX, Honda Civic-R, etc) however, they are not available. I have seen aftermarket leather replacement on the OEM wheel before, however, the job never looks as good as OEM.

-- Chris


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Thanks for the reply Chris, I guess I will just have to look at a replacement wheel and the cost... If I really decide that I want to keep the airbag.

For people that have gotten rid of the airbag, may I ask why that seemed worth it? I've never been in an accident with an airbag that deployed, but was always ... worried ... about not having one if something happened.
I had an accident with total damage of the car and deployed airbag... I had a frontal collision against the guard rail at a very high speed (between 80mph and 100mph depending on how much was I able to brake) and I did not have any consequence (I was very lucky
). The airbag?
I think I did not even touch it with my face... the belt is very good and the space between face and wheel is more than enough. My car was a '91.
The combination of an airbag and a seatbelt will result in fewer fatalities and injuries than a seatbelt alone. Perhaps not in any one specific accident, but overall.
Some Benz accessory dealers offer aftermarket (typically leather/wood or leather/carbon) replacement steering wheels. IMO they look better than OE, although its kinda luxo-sporty

Note: these are pricey (start in the $1200 range IIRC), and I'm not sure if this includes do a core replacement/sway on the airbag unit (I believe the use the OE airbag)

Originally posted by NSXTC:
I wonder if there is any way to re-grip or otherwise modify the factory steering wheel with the type of grip you want...

This is going to sound really weird, but I had the same idea. Something to make it easier to grip by being thicker, and tackier to the touch. I had in mind the insulation you put around hot water pipes wrapped in some sort of tacky tape. Bought the insulation, but never used it. We use a special bandage material in Vet Med that only sticks to itself, not what it is wrapped around. It goes by the trade name CoFlex. Different colors and different widths. I used blue 4" to wrap my wheel before my second track event at VIR, and it made a world of difference. When I was done that day, I just unwrapped it, leaving no residue on the wheel. Quick and dirty mod, about $4 per roll, 1 roll will probably do 3-4 events. Let me know if you want to try it.

Gary Yates
1995 Red/Tan
Gary, I would *love* to give that a try, it might be just what I am looking for, and, for $4 or so, you can't go wrong!

Tell me more!