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Aftermarket stereo

27 August 2001
Rogers,Ar. 72758
Please help!!!! I have a 93 with a full exhaust system on it. Recently the crappy amp went out of my door speaker so I replaced it with aftermarket speakers and and amp. It is a small kicker amp that I placed in my trunk in the location the factory jack goes. (Above the exhaust)Trouble is the heat is causing the amp to turn itself off after about 10 minutes of the car running. Anyone had any exp. here?? Other amp placement locations? I do not want to be able to tell that anything has been altered without digging!!(placement out of sight is very important) Thanks in advance!!
Firewall behind pass seat?


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My Extant amp is also mounted where the tool kit was and I have not experienced any problems, I run my stereo on extended drives. Just to note, my amp is raised about an inch off the aluminum surface of the tool compartment using wood mounts, if it is a heat related issue, maybe this allows for any needed ventilation?