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Aftermarket Stereos

9 February 2000
How many of you guys have aftermarket stereos? What challenges did you face and what type of setups did you use?

I have a stock stereo unit with an Alpine CHM S601 CD changer. This unit is a direct replacement of the factory changer and interfaces with the factory radio buttons.
I put in Soundstream refence seperates and a reference amp. Both are old units but I like the sound. I need my trunk space and I am short so I installed the amp behind my drivers seat, but I am counting on the fact that noone over 5' 10" will drive my car since you cany move the seat back any more.

The biggest prob is fabrication of the door baffles since you cannot use the stock speaker enclosures. I used a pancake of 2 pices of 5/8" MDF and used 5 1/4" seperates. Running speaker wire is always a pain in the ass so I won't include that.

Use the common ground on the firewall. Other than that the install went the same as any other car, its just that usually I am not drilling in to $80,000 aluminum :)
Can you guys tell me about the install?

How much did it cost? How does it sound?

Are any of you using your stock headunit with aftermarket amps? Thanks!

PS: I plan on doing a write up of everything I do to the car from now on (incl. pics) to donate to the FAQ.