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Ahhhhh, what a mess!!!! Carfax Please???? JH4NA1155NT000969

16 April 2005
Hi all,

For the last 8 months, I have been patiently searching for the perfect NSX. I think I have been more than patient, for I have wired the full amount per sale and arranged transportation for 5 NSX’s in which, all were found to have issues not disclosed prior to making an offer, the acceptance, yada, yada, yada. So, a few thousand dollars & countless hours later, I find the car. It is a 1994 NSX, Black/Black, 5sp, 23,000 original miles and perfect A condition. So, it’s everything I wanted and more importantly, did not want (snap ring, etc). I payed a few hundred to have the car looked over @ Saint Louis Acura and also had a member of the forum double check as well; Perfect assessment from both gentlemen. Wired the cash and arranged for Gary Almond Transports to pick her up on Monday and ship to SOS in Phoenix for mods…….

Then, the member from Saint Louis who patiently inspected the car for a few hours, remembers seeing something odd and brings to my attention, “It appears to have 91-93 wheels”. Wow, I completely overlooked the wheels and it turns out, the Owner/Broker of the car does not know their @ss from a hole in the ground……….My o my, I just wired the full amount for the car again and I have a transporter on the way to get the car and ………..the car has been misrepresented as a 1994 model!!!!.Snap Ring……………..God, who knows????

Anyone run the carfax for me please? JH4NA1155NT000969

Thanks again Gene for all your help and bringing the obvious to my attention. I guess I want this car too bad….
Well looking at the vin JH4NA1155NT000969 second N = a 1992

If the person selling the car either does not know what year the car is or is not telling the truth then I don’t think I would trust anything they say, including the mileage.


Can't you ask for your money back since they have provided you with the wrong information? If I was a seller, and I advertised soemthing incorrectly, then I would be more than happy to return the money. Also, you might lose out on the transporter cost...find out if can get some portion of it back since the truck doesn't need to bring it to you. There are plenty of NSX in CA for sale, you might want to consider just buying it locally...just be patient.
If the title is available, you may want to ask for a copy of the title, title #, registration copy.
Some thing a little more definite.
Sometimes the obvious is too hard to see! I looked this car over for more than an hour, and drove it as well. I knew I was supposed to be going to look at a 94, and knew full well that 94's had 7 spokes, yet this one had 91-93 wheels. It never hit me until later that day! The car is inexcellent condition, so I sure hope this gets worked out. The thing is, if I would have been going to look at a 92, I would have certainly got the tranny number, but it didn't even cross my mind because, after all - I was looking at a 94. Arrghhhh. Geez, I was even describing the slight rash on each of the OEM wheels to Danny on the phone while I was there.

Last night I asked Danny for the VIN, and quickly knew it was a 92, which I then told Danny. I think the state made a clerical error. What makes the deal difficult is that there is a sellers agent involved, who is selling the car for a local doc. The agent doesn't have a clue about NSX's, and proably listed per the title, and is now hell-bent that "it's a 94."