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air bag warnings on 2000 NSX

27 March 2000
Palos Verdes, CA
Anyone else upset about those ugly air bag warnings embedded on the visors of the 2000 NSX? Or am I the only one WITH those warnings?

They're obnoxious...and on BOTH sides of the visors. I've asked the dealership and, legally, they cannot remove them or even offer an alternate one without the annoying label. There's got to be a way for the consumer to get rid of them...they're an eyesore on an otherwise beautiful car.

--akira3D ('00 NSX-T red/black #113)
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On my s2000, I have the same ugly prints on the visor. A suggestion that has been made to me is to get black tape, or tape that matches the color of your visor, and put it over the warning label. Or you could try and get visors from older model NSX's to replace your existing visors.
I have the warnings too and they don't bother me as much as they bother you guys. You just can't peel them off unless you use some pretty harsh stuff to do it and this may just damage your sun visor permanently. Over the years I've found this stuff that takes off (without a trace) all kinds of gooey stuff and really melts down sticky stuff. I bought this substance at Price Club (now Costco) years ago and I still have some left - It's called De-Solv-it, multipurpose solvent, industrial formula. It is manufactured by Orange Sol Inc. Chandler, Arizona 85224 (602) 961-0975. This stuff is great to get any glue, or sticky residue off just about anything. I don't know if it is going to work on the labels but I guess it's worth a try (if you are willing to risk the integrity of your sun visor). Actually, this thing is pretty mild, use it with confidence, if it doesn't get the goo off it won't damage your sun visor either. Good luck!
I bought yellow for my 2000 NSX so that the car color would match the color of the warning on the visor. I think it looks pretty good.
You will also notice that the spare time wheel is also yellow to match. Guess yellow really is the color to get.

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