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Air Conditioner question..

23 October 2000
Saint Augustine, FL
Is there a way I can tell if the 92 NSX I am looking at has the newer R134A system, or if it is still on the old R12 system? The acura service department had never changed it in the 7 years they worked on the car, but I am wondering if it has ever been done.


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If they bought the conversion kit and did it properly, it comes with a sticker that goes under the front hood explaning that the car has been converted.
As Lud said, if the conversion has been done, it will have a blue sticker under the front hood that states the retro kit has been added. You can also look at the fitings on the A/c lines. Take the cap off of them and look into the stem. If it's R-12 it'll look like a small valve stem on a wheel. If it's R-134, it'll be a little larger and have a larger cap on it than a valve stem would.
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