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All NSX Day - Adelaide

Oh and here are the hands of a lengend - Ayton Senna De Silva


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great day Les .... and I still reckon we can claim the record outright, with 13.5 cars on the day :smile:

Lets not get too caught up on the record.

Sydney has at least 4 x as many cars and only achieved 13 NSX's so our turnout was a tremendous result. My goal for next year is to fill each grid position on the front straight:biggrin:
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<B>AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D </B>

However, you cannot have 13.5 NSX's -- if someone brought a wreckage NSX's on a trailer OR an S2000 turned up, that doesn't count. :p :D hehe j/k

I see 13, which means you've equalled the record. No small task because in Sydney two of the (best looking ;) ) NSX's came from Melbourne. :D Plus less than half were red in your cruise -- in Sydney i think 90% were red. :D :D :D ok i exaggerate.

Good to see stock + modified cars too.

You really should consider re-posting these photos in the Photo/Video Gallery -- nobody is going to see these photos! :( The International forum is too buried away.

Great job Les and whoever organized this! :cool:
Yes every one of those 13 NSX's is SA registered

Interestingly in discussions on the day we reckon there's at least another 5 ... hidden in garages around the adelaide hills

(.... and BTW Les was the organiser too)
Congratulations on matching my record Les! As has been noted, I needed to call in the big guns from Melbourne to get up to 13, so getting 13 together from SA alone is extremely impressive. Thanks for the great pics.