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All NSX Day #3

30 April 2005
Adelaide, Australia
The third annual ALL NXS Day in Adelaide will be held 6th November 2011 yep next Sunday.

Sorry about the short notice we have had to bring the event forward 3 weeks due to other commitments at Victoria Park.

The schedule will be the same 8.30am meet for the photo shoot, this time a light brekky, nice drive through the Adelaide Hills ending in the Southern Vales - McLaren Vale wine region for lunch.

The call out for any interstaters is out again theres a couple of other exotic car events on this week-end give me a call i can organise accomodation and entry to the other activities.

Links to the last 2 All NSX Days:



0412 824 824
Thanks Les for organising the day again, we will be around for the whole day this time. Have a few others who are intereseted, will let you know.

Today was another wonderful turn-out of Adelaide NSX's and its owners. Even though the numbers were down from previous yrs the quality of the cars and especially the people more than made up for the shortfall.

Many thanks for those who attended this years event and for those who missed out due to other commitments we will have another NSX Day soon.

A couple of pics of the day.


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that's so awesome

Thanks Felix when we have the next All NSX Day you could be our official NSX photographer:smile: