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All NSX Day - Adelaide #2-21/11/2010

30 April 2005
Adelaide, Australia
How time fly’s - as they say....

Its time again to gather Senna's road child in Adelaide for the second (2) annual All NSX Day.

Last year was a blaring success 13 NSX's + 1 later for lunch turned out for a surprise brekky location (Mount Lofty House), wonderful cruise through the Adelaide hills then the South East to Currency Creek for lunch. Fun was had by all with the opportunity to meet, chat, drive, eat and drink.

This year will be just as enjoyable with another surprise brekky, cruise then another hidden gem will be served up for lunch.

The start/meet location will be the same, Senna Chicane at Victoria Park race course at 8.30am Sunday 21st November, 2010 for pics and itinerary/route details. http://maps.google.com.au/maps/ms?i...211,138.618901&spn=0.006087,0.009602&t=h&z=17

Interstate owners are again more than welcome with special treatment adorned to those who travel to the land of SA. A special cruise, lunch, dinner and accommodation will all be awaiting our VIP guests.

Again i need numbers for brekky and lunch so please respond asap.

Here's the link to last years event: http://www.nsxprime.com/forums/showthread.php?t=129088


Les Dombi
0412 824 824
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Hi Les,

Another NSX day sounds great.....just one small thing, I know one owner who will be in Suzuka celebrating the 20th anniversary with Honda.

What a barstard..............!

Hope the day goes real well for everyone.

Anyone going up the climb to the eagle on the 5th Nov?

Hi Scott,

Yeah theres a few going to the climb from our group (Aussie Exotics) - there will be at least a couple of NSX's but mainly ferrari's, Lambo's, Porkers and BMW's. Our group will be breaking away after morning tea as usual and having lunch at Vitners in the Barrosa. I'm going to try and make the climb at least as im going away around lunchtime for week-end away.

Who the lucky guy going to Japan??

Ah its not you is it????
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Hi Les,

Will see you at the start of the Climb, hopefully with a few of the other NSX's.

I am disapointed I wont be at the NSX day, it was great fun last time and a really enjoyable lunch.

Good on you for organising it. (maybe we should do a longer run as well next year and catch up with some interstaters?)

Thanks Les.
I will be there.

Hi Tim thats great we look forward meeting you.
Could you please contact me on 0412 824 824 so we can have a chat.

Tally thus far:

9 confirmed

10 unconfirmed

and thats just SA. The interstaters are quite what do we need to entice you guys??
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13 Confirmed:biggrin:

6 Unconfirmed
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Hi Les,

The midnight pearl machine should be at the start, unfortunately it will not be joining everyone for the rest of the run.

Have a great day, will be looking on Prime to see you many we can get.

Thanks Scott enjoy your trip:smile:
Reminder for this Sunday's All NSX Day run.

8.00am for 8.30 photo shoot at Senna Chicane, Victoria Park then 9.30 for brekky, cruise to Lobethal for a coffee then Chain of Ponds Winery for lunch.

Lunch will include canapes on arrival on the terrace, mains and desserts on the belcony for $65.00.

Look forward for another fantastic day.

2nd All NSX Day went off without a hitch - well we lost one guy before brekky but other than that a fun day. Only criticism i over catered too much food:frown:. The driving was great Greenhill Rd then shortcut to Basket Range to Loberthal. Lunch at Chain of Ponds.

Here's some pics of the day.


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More pics


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perfect weather, fun people, excellent food, top cars, challenging roads and well organised ... thanks Les, really enjoyed the event again :smile:

(I'm always amazed at how many useful little snippets of NSX-related info are revealed on a day like this, I would never have guessed there's a pile of NSX parts in a garage less than 2km from where I live!)