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and so it has begun

14 February 2003
south wales,UK
Engine bay dress-up that is.
Just installed my new coolant tank from SOS and also my new arial,also from SOS.thanks Chris.



I realy like the arial you got. I looked on there site and can not find it. Could you please post the link to it.

BTW...........the engine looks good. :smile:
It's actually an S2000 arial.it is not a straight forward plug-and-play job.
I had to make the outside hole in the wing(fender) slightly larger,but i had to cut out a section of the inner wing for the body of the antenna to fit.I didn't mind cutting because it can't be seen and i think the arial looks a lot better than the metal one.
I think that the only bit of my engine that looks ok at the moment is my coolant tank :redface: but hopefully that won't be for too much longer.
Did you repaint your car to the purple color? Just wondering becauase the engine bay is silver... Or is it suppose to be like that?
where can i find a plug and play arial (antenna?) made for the NSX