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Android phones GURU

6 September 2002
Northern VA
I can't fine a precise answer from Google about rooting and unlocking. When we talk about Android phone, is rooting THE SAME as unlocking?

Yes? or No?

I have a ATT&T Galaxy note and I like to use it for TMOBILE. I like to know what it takes to accomplish that.
I looked at unlocking my EVO with Sprint awhile back. It's my understanding that Rooting simply means unlocking the features on the phone to use it to it's full capacity. Kind of like giving you administration rights to your own phone. It doesn't have anything to do with unlocking it to use on a different network. Again, that's just my understanding. I eventually decided against rooting my phone as I don't need one more headache or expense in my life if something goes wrong. :smile:
Unlocking: Allowing the phone to go on any network that allows that connects with that type of radio in the phone (CDMA, TDMA, GSM, etc)

Rooting: Overriding built in software that allows you to use all functions of the phone as well as install software that has been downloaded.

If you root you can:
Install custom WiFi tether apps.
download torrent applications and install without paying.
customize your operating system.

If you root you cant:
Update the phone software.
Get tech support for the phone from your carrier.
If you root you cant:
Update the phone software.
Get tech support for the phone from your carrier.

This isn't exactly true. I had my phone rooted, and it updated from Eclair to Froyo without problem. Even if the phone refuses to update, there is an "unroot" procedure that will make it OK.

That said, one of the reasons people root in the first place is to remove the carrier's crapware, and sometimes people go too far and remove something that then prevents the phone from updating. The trick there is to use a program like Titanium to "freeze" an app (same as uninstalling, but reversible), and then reverse that when it's upgrade time.
rooting = obtaining admin (super user) rights on your phone.

Nothing more, nothing less. It will have no effect on any future software updates, except future updates might disable root.

Once you root, however, you CAN install new software / firmware, unlock the phone (to use on any GSM carrier, for example).

All of my Android phones are rooted, and most of them run custom ROMs, which are awesome.
thanks guys....my phone is now unlocked and rooted. playing with it, and so far....I love it more than my iphone. I think the iPhone is on the way to CL soon :tongue: