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Eastman PPF

16 May 2023
I'm friends with the shop that is going to do the full PPF on the new to me 1995 NSX-T. They told me they'd like to use my car to do some templating which I thought sounded pretty cool so I agreed. Eastman sent their guy Roger up to do 3D modeling of the car. What a cool process. Once they had all those readings, their team would then create a template package for their software. I got to talk with him while he was there and learned a little bit about how it all worked. I think the next step is their team is coming back to test fit the PPF. The paint on this lady is too good, I'm honestly not wanting to drive it until it's protected.


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That's really cool!

Let us know how it turns out. I did not realize Eastman had a PPF.
Yes, a rep from Eastman came and did some test fitting before the blessed the template. Once that happened, the local shop started installing it on Thursday. Should have it done this coming week. I'm over the moon excited to see it done. Will post pics when it's complete. They're using my F355 spider for a template next too
So is that just like the 3M Clearbra? And they are doing all over your whole car? That’s badass if so.
I'm not thrilled with the exposure on my phone of these but the glossy shine after the PPF and ceramic coating is unreal.

First drive on the road with this lady and hot dang, I'm in love. Just like a grown up version of my S2000 AP1. I like that Ferrari too but honestly not nearly as much as this NSX. What an amazing car.


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Interesting this was bumped up today. There was a partial ppf on the NC 1 I got. They took that off and started working on a brand new full car ppf. My NC 1 is missing the carbon roof option so we're doing a carbon weave ppf film on the roof, excited to see how this turns out.


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