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Annual Acurazine meet Kansas city

15 January 2007
Omaha NE
Asked to throw this out there. The annual Acurazine meet is June 9 - 10 in Kansas City, MO. Details in the link below.

Acurazine meet

I am going since I live 3 hrs north. All Acura models welcomed.
No one? Figured the Kansas NSX owners would want to check it out.
just let me know. I haven't figured out a time when I am heading down yet. Do you have a NSX?
just a bump for anyone interested.
Nukem and I represented the NSX at the Acurazine event hosted by Jay Wolfe Acura in Kansas City. The second red NSX was just taken in trade by the dealership. It is a 1993 with 28,000 miles. The Silverstone Metallic belongs to the owner of the dealership.

Nice to meet you Brad aka Nukem.


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Steve and Brad, nice to have met you guys today and to get to chat for a bit. I was the perspective buyer of the 93 that was there if the TruForm. hat with my fiance and brother.

I wanted to ask you guys what you thought of the 93? To me, it looked a little rougher than a car with 28,xxx miles should look, and it has a salvage title due to theft, according to the salesman. However, it also looked like it had been sitting for quite some time, if you noticed the cob webs that were hanging off of it in places. For a 28,xxx miles car I'm willing to overlook the salvage/rebuilt title if theft was the only reason it was totaled to begin with and the mileage is, if fact, accurate, and I can deal with the interior being rough because those are things I can fix. The guy says he is going to have it detailed tomorrow and looked at buy his mechanics to see if the timing belt has ever been changed, which he claims they can usually tell. (I think he's pumping me full of hot air with that part) He said he'd try to find out more about the history and maintenance info that if I wanted, and he'd see about getting me the contact info for the previous owner, who's apparently had it for the past 9 years.

-The body looked straight
-The tires look like new (I'll need to look at the DOT's to be sure how new.)
-It looked like it needed minimal work for the outside to look pretty nice.

The interior was pretty rough...
-Seats/doors needed some serious treatment to see if they can be salvaged (if not, new leather is in order)
-Gearshift leather was coming off
-Radio made a pop on the passenger side when I tried to turn it up a little (listening for problems such as that), so I think the amp might have a problem.
-A/C wasn't exactly cold...it was cool, but not COLD (Blower worked on all speeds, though!)
-Dash had a small crack in the center by the windshield
-Driver door insert was cracked by the bottom of the vent
-There were cigarette burns in the carpet by the driver seat and on the passenger seat belt (it smelled like it'd been smoked in, too
-The leather on the driver bolster showed some wear.
-There were misc. scratches on the door jamb plastics from people getting in and out.
-The rubber around the windows has a couple small tears and was showing some wear
-The windows go down slow, and up even slower.

The guy told me what they were asking and what they paid for it (which I'm willing to bet was less than what he told me), and so I know they plan to bargain.

VIN on it is JH4NA1159PT000122

Thoughts & opinions?
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Would have loved to go, but I'm in Alaska until the 23rd 8-(