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Another Header Question

8 January 2003
Independence, MO, USA
OK, I have a set of used Comptech headers and want to get them installed on my '91. I got the headers only, no gasgets, no bolts, or anything else. Are the exhaust manifold gasgets reusable? And do I need new bolts or can I use the ones from the cast manifold? How about the header to converter and converter to exhaust connection, do I need gasgets for those? Getting them put on this weekend so I need to know soon so I can make a mad dash to the acura dealer if necessary. Many thanks in advance! :biggrin:
Since gaskets crush when installed and can get damaged during removal replace all gaskets. Same with the bolts. It's better to replace them since they are probably rusted and fused tight (depending on the age of your car) and could get damaged during the removal of the old parts.