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Another longer than OE replacement wheel stud option

8 December 2015
The Coast, CA
TL;DR: Dorman 610-323 studs are ~12mm longer than OEM :biggrin:

While performing a StopTech front BBK installation this past weekend on my ‘91 NSX, I figured I’d simultaneously replace my well-loved original wheel studs with longer ones for added insurance since I’ve been running a 5mm spacer.

I didn’t want aftermarket race-type studs that typically run extra long and require open ended lug nuts nor did I think the not so uncommon OEM alternative 96-98 Acura TL ones (~5mm longer than OE NSX) would suffice since I’ve read that the StopTech rotor hat is 4mm thicker than OEM.

With a bit of research, I came across what I believe is a suitable option in the form of the Dorman 610-323. It, of course, retains the same OE M12x1.5 thread size/pitch but measures nearly 12mm longer than the factory NSX stud.

Another key difference is that the head of the Dorman stud is smaller in diameter at 15.5mm which allows it to slide into hub without needing to grind the head of the new stud or bearing housing or separating the hub from the wheel bearing. The only thing that could be of concern is the larger knurl diameter of 12.8mm vs. OE 12.4mm and normally I would consider 0.4mm a big deal in almost any other scenario, I didn’t find them particularly difficult to “press” in using an open-ended nut, washer, and basic hand tools.

I’ll be satisfied if these provide half as much life as my 100k-mi factory ones. I guess time will tell.

Just as an additional, FYI: the BBS LM 17x8 ET40 (LMP074) requires a 3mm spacer to clear the front StopTech BBK. According to my measurements, the loaded StopTech caliper is about 4 lbs lighter than a loaded OEM caliper, and the StopTech rotor is slightly lighter than the OEM rotor by ~4 oz (obviously depending on wear)