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New bits for May 1st

6 February 2001
San Diego, CA, USA
The Laundry list of new parts for May:

Dali Modified Polished Fujita Short Ram intake for the 2002+


Not officially made so we did it. Worth getting just for the spiffty Fujita5 gym bag and cool cap.


1991-1994 Test pipes with O2 bungs now in stock:
$210.00 set with gaskets, SS hardware etc.


makes sticking foreign objects up your pipes a thing of the past.


Just need the bungs for a retrofit?


SS, with a locating flange for EZ welding. Standard O2 sensor thread.


Lateral Load clamps for CT Swaybars
$28.00 for a set of 4


Nice 6061 clamps keep things in place; SS hardware...


15mm Integral stud spacers make most BBK installs a breeze:
$80.00 per axle.


From our hard working friends at TC Sportline, hubcentric etc..


3mm spacers for those situations where just a little after dinner mint sized spacer is exactly what you need for caliper clearance and where 5mm makes the tires rub..

They look like these:


but without the longer studs included with the 5mm spacers since IMNSHO you don't need them. If you want them anyway, ask, but don't forget to send more money. :biggrin:


Shift boot bases in large and small weave CarbonGlass;


Nice CF blend shift boot base in either the large or the small weave CF composite -
why wait 2 years for my crew to wrap yours when you can just replace the whole damn thing in 5 minutes?
Yes, you will need to remove your leather boot from the old oem base plate and glue it to this one. (Smaller weave pictured)


Open End Ball Face racing steel lug nuts for the OEM Honda/Acura Wheels:
$25.00/set of 20


anyone with longer than OEM studs that uses the old 15/16's for the track might like these. Dali track event tested.


Long and short colored Aluminum lug nuts (not locking) in 4 colors.

The short ones weigh just 9 grams each:
$64.00/set of 20


The long ones weigh all of 10grams each:
$64.00/set of 20

but you have to ask yourself - do I have the HP to handle them?



and finally, some nice green goo for those window regulator fixing projects.



Dali Combination Tool/Prayer Mat:


Might be good to get one given the mood in Iran these days.

Works great as a oil drip pad too.


More as I get to it.......:biggrin: