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Another radio question

I dug out an old Dillards cassette, stuck it in, and got a momentary (very momentary) blast of sound. After that, no go. Tried it again and couldn't get even the momentary sound. However, the cassette did forward/reverse etc.

No Dillards. So sad.
Just a quick update on your radio @Spottwd: Works like a charm again - a related report is coming up :cool:
Set the scene. A stock 1991 MT with door speakers already replaced. When I turn the radio on, everything lights up and the radio functions such as Seek etc work. The antenna goes up and down like a charm. But, and there is always a but, No Sound, at all. The volume knob elicits nothing.

Last Fall, before storage, after turning the radio on, it sometimes took awhile before I got sound.

Any ideas about what might be the problem?
Mine failed int he exact same manner. It was fine in the fall. Car sat on a battery maintainer all winter. In the spring, no radio audio output. I worked on the problem for a while. Found several capacitors leaked. No +5V. I replaced about 6 capacitors and got to a point there was a hissing sound output. Then noticed the tuner section had bad capacitors and a bunch of traces eaten by electrolitic.
I moved on to a Willmams Kenwood inserted radio. Couldn't be happier with it.