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Anti-Theft Codes for Nav System

26 March 2003
Nipomo, CA, USA
Just got a slightly used 2017 NSX, and it came without the glove box card that lists the anti-theft codes for the nav system and radio. I know I can get those from Acura online, but I need to provide the 8-digit serial number of the unit. I could probably find that on the nav control unit if I knew where that was located. Anybody know where I can find the serial number for the nav unit? Thanks!
OK, I did it by hunting around in the Nav system. Navi > System > Detail Information > Settings > About this gives you the 8-digit serial number of the Navigation Unit. With that and your VIN and your personal information, you can go to owners.acura.com, select "Quick Links" and select "Retrieve Navi/Radio Anti-Theft Codes". Enter the requested information including that 8-digit serial number, and you get your unlock code (5 digits). Simple.
Now the fun part: none of that stuff above is necessary. If the audio system and nav system are in their original vehicle, you can reset them after disconnecting and then reconnecting the battery (like if you add the NSX battery charger or change the battery or something like that) by doing the following:
Set the power mode to ON
Turn on the audio system
Select and HOLD the Audio Power button for more than 2 seconds

The system is reactivated when the navi/audio control unit establishes a connection with the vehicle control unit and verifies it goes with that vehicle. No codes required.
so Tom you going to do the high speed rally thing with the new nsx?
Hey Doc John and alum04org - Nice to hear from you both! Yes, I'm entering the Silver State Classic Challenge with the new NSX if I can get it ready in time for September. Very flattering that you'd remember. Doc, you're a legend, and as for alum04org, you live right near where I went to school in Michigan. As you can tell, I have a LOT to learn about the new NSX. But, geez, is it fun to drive! Anybody know how to get a wire through the firewall in the new car? Maybe I should start another post... and display my utter ignorance AGAIN.
haha......I am a sissy compared to you....I go fast on a race track .....you have the balls to blast on open public roads with tumble weeds/armadillos/and the occasional drunk hitch hiker....:eek: