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Any interest in having a custom car show / garage display board made for your car?

15 October 2003
West coast!
So this is one of those random things that came as a result of a need....

We had this big car show come up recently and the judges like to see a nice display board showing some of the work done on the car such as mods, special features, notes, or whatever you want to display for others to see. I had these made in the past by a talented female friend of mine for my s2000 and m3 but I never had one done for my NSX since it was "not done". We all know that dilemma!

Anyways I had a different friend build a display board for me. I supplied the photos and he supplied his talent guided only by some basic things I told him I was looking for.

The result is what you see below :cool:

Once the work was done, now we had to figure out a way to display it without damage. Frames are not a good idea from past experience ~ we wanted a quick setup / teardown display that works in any environment and would be stable without getting easily knocked over scratching the car. Easel's are hard to carry so we came up with a custom 2-piece design that has a base and a display board backed by a black hardboard. The photo is protected with a matte finish film and has a very nice professional feel to it.

Granted this all takes a lot of effort and time but the final result came out pretty good. Of course we can vary the size or design as needed to suit each individual's purpose but would this be something the community be interested in? If you only want to hang this in your garage of course you won't need the display stand portion.

If we have interest, I'll start a thread in the vendor section. Price is TBA since we still need to calculate since there's a lot of design time, edit and of course labor/materials to build the display.

Just wanted to share with community for now, enjoy!

Actual image design:

Mounted on display board:

Side view:
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^thanks for the post!

The board can be obviously be printed in ANY size you want. We chose this size because as you may be aware the NSX is not a large car and I wanted this to fit neatly in my trunk when taken apart in 2-pieces. I do have a custom pedestal idea for my own car but don't carrying it around for the same reason due to size.

I wanted a compact solution that works at any car show and not intrusive when carrying it around. Plus with this design the front piece can be hung in a garage or shop wall when not in use at car shows.

The stand and design can be changed for any user for their specific needs that is not an issue.

How much are they going for? I'd be interested.
Between paying my design guy, print / materials and labor cost you are probably looking at roughly $200 for something in the same size I have. If you want larger I'll have to get a quote from the print shop.

P.S. Design is 2-pieces. The front display board and the angled floor piece that is held together by velcro. It's simple in design and very durable if you wanted to use it at any outdoor event. Windy days just add a weight in the rear section. Display board can be hung on wall separately if at the office, etc.
Off topic, (and I don't have the time to use the search for your build thread) but are you using any spacers for your wheel/tire setup? It looks absolutely amazing! And to make my post relevant to this thread, the board looks GREAT too!
^No spacers!

I'm getting display boards made for all my cars - great way to display in your garage if you just hang them and not use the "base" portion.

In the past I got heavy picture frames but these have less risk to damage to cars since they are lightweight and portable.

Looks great! I'd like to see about a stand that puts the board around the top edge of the fender that you actually pull the car onto the stand part so it can't fall. I really like your board design what size is it?
Looks great! I'd like to see about a stand that puts the board around the top edge of the fender that you actually pull the car onto the stand part so it can't fall. I really like your board design what size is it?


The display board is the hard part since we need to design the graphics. Size is 24 x 36" I think off the top of my head but that can be changed easily. As for the car stand part let me speak to our fabricator to see what can be built. The idea is we wanted something compact and lightweight. What you are suggesting I have built before but it's cumbersome and a real pain to carry around.
Totally forgot about this thread - if anyone wants a display board shoot us an email!

My friend's done some for our other clients and all of them turned out really sharp. Makes quite a conversation piece at shows.