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Any Meets or get together???

15 January 2007
Omaha NE
I am here until the 25th is there any meets or get together going on from now until then?
Were long over due for our fall get together.

Someone should put together a mountain drive and BBQ. Perhaps someone with a large "estate" that can handle all the cars. hint hint.

I be back up in early NOV.

Anyone want to meet up and drive Mountains then have cook out at my cabin in Blue Ridge?

EITHER: Sat Nov 10th or Sunday Nov 11th works for me!

Lemme know!

Lizard :smile:

I like this on Sunday and we can throw in a few laps at AMP karts too :smile:
I am good for the 11th too.

I am also very proud that Liz remembered her NSXPrime login.:biggrin:

What would you guys like to do?
Take it to the mountains in the morning with a stop at AMP for a karting challenge then back to the mountains to Liz's for a BBQ challenge :smile:
(Slaps palm of hand to forehead).
LoL yeah I know, I am sure I will be down again in another yr or 2.
Hahah yeah be proud I finally mastered the tricky Prime log in questions!
I did have to consult my Va Tech engineer ex-roomie who is in China
But hey Im back on! so HA!

OK so yeah SUNDAY 11th
but the AMP is like 1 hour SE of Blue Ridge...
so Im thinking meet there for go carts FIRST then drive Mountains ending up in BR (Blue Ridge) for cookout!

O yea,sunday the 11th is great, I am in,the lambo owners had their drive last weekend and they said they had a blast and we should too........:biggrin:
They are still having it and I was just reminiscing about last year, it has been several months since I went last. :frown: I am not going to make it tomorrow either :mad:

I'm headed to the Atlanta Zoo with some friends visiting from Cancun, Mx. :smile:
Are we sure AMP is still doing the open Kart sessions on Sundays?

I checked their website and couldn't find any info.

This is the fleet of Karts that will run on the Rental Kart track. These karts are true racing chassis,
half the weight of a concession kart so they handle much better and are significantly faster. Our
rental kart track has massive elevation changes and is 2-3 times longer than most concession tracks.
Hours of operation**
Friday 1pm-5pm
Saturday 12pm-5pm
Sunday 12pm-5pm
No appointment necessary – come on out!
$20 per 8 minute session. 5 sessions for $90.
Real racing chassis not a concession chassis (Less than half the weight with the same horsepower!)
VERY FAST!! Fun for ages 12 years to Grandpa and Grandma!
Helmets and driving suits available Free to use
Age requirement 12 and older*