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Any other sights as good as prime?

12 August 2002
Austin, TX
I'm on prime at least 4 hours a day(i know that's bad). I honestly find a wealth of information- stocks, FI, wheels and tires,pics, video's, global news and even girlie pics here lately :biggrin: . I have even met people i haven't met(d'eccose, Donwon, Prova4re) just to name a few :cool: . Even the sun. night chat's are good. The navigation is fairly easy and most prime members have lot's of respect for the site( no silly post about blowing up stuff and eating toenails, hell even most avatars are inline.) I was wondering does anybody visit a site that is good as prime, as a source of edutainment :smile: . I can find anything about anything on prime.
Prime was the first forum site I really played with. After being on Prime for a while, I jumped to other car forums and found them very difficult to use. Too much garbage or just a lack of organization. Then there is the kiddie factor you must deal with. S2KI is a good example of a forum that is good, but not nearly as well maintained as Prime. Maybe it is just because the community is so large, but I have a real hard time following what goes on on S2KI. Plus, their market place is a cluster 4!{cK of every car and product known to man.

Acura world Forums isn't bad. Neither is Temple of VTEC.

What I can say negatively about Prime is the lack of updates to the main page. I'm not sure if Lud is just tired of dealing with it or what, but I think another moderator needs to take over the job. My biggest pet peeve hands down.