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Any reason to hold onto old tires?

12 October 2015
Utica, NY
I'm going to get a new set of tires on my 03 this spring. The current tires on the car are an OEM bridgestone set (215/40R17 front, 255/40R17 rear) that have dates codes of 2006, but were stored indoors until 2019 when they were installed on the car around 600 miles ago. They are obviously well beyond the recommended age, but the tread is still at almost 100%. Part of me feels wasteful dumping them, but then again is there any reason to hold onto them given the age?
You will get mixed opinions...if it was me I would use them in the warmer weather in anticipation of newer rubber.
You will get mixed opinions...if it was me I would use them in the warmer weather in anticipation of newer rubber.

This is what I would do also. Depends how you normally drive your car. If you just do short drives on roads you know, these tires are ok for awhile.
I agree that folks will take both sides. My take is I know owners who have totaled their NSX's by having a tire blow out at an inopportune time, and is saving $800 by running old tires worth that? Prob not. I know some guys sell used tires to guys who are drifters that just need tires to blow through at drift events.
I ripped off a 10 year old set of 200 wear tires - Kuhmo XS 215/45/16 & 255/40/17 - and replaced them with new Conti ECS 340 in the best sizes I can find (205/45/16 and 245/40/17). I did this because of age. Tires had maybe 4k on them. No complaints about the new tires, but the old ones were better.

I wouldn't let an arbitrary age rule replace what you see with your own eyes and feel while driving. If they still feel and look good, they probably are.
Thanks to everyone so far for the honest feedback. I'm definitely replacing them (leaning toward the Direzza ZIII, open to opinions if anyone has any), but thought about maybe taking the old tires home as opposed to having the shop dispose them. I was thinking along the lines of what [MENTION=30095]JohnWayne[/MENTION] mentioned and wondered if there would be any reason someone might want the old set, like for drifting etc.
I use to get tires from my brothers shop even got wheels to match the common Audi OEM sizes he services for my drift car. I got them for next to nothing, they charge to dispose of them so they often give them away. When a good set came threw I would go grab them. Most shops will do this for little to no money. They use to let me use there tire machine to I just threw them some cash and ripped the treads off em. Not worth hanging on to unless you have a drift car with that will fit those tires. Pay to dispose of them so they don’t end up collecting dust in your garage until you decide to throw them out.
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