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Any thoughts on this one?

They look nice. I got my replacement seats from the group by from the company in canada and I was very happy with them. People comlpained the leather was too grainy, but to me it actually matches the vinyl very well.

It is hard to tell the quality and graininess of the leather from the pix on ebay.
Thanks NV, that was one of my concerns. My main concern is that the leather on these are the one's with holes (like my Pilot). I like them better, but they are not like stock, and that concerns me a little.
The 93 NSX does not come with a perforated center section in the seat? It must have started in 94? :confused:
Will these covers fit on my seats? I have a '93
93BlkOnBlkNSX said:
Will these covers fit on my seats? I have a '93
Yes, they should. The seats have not really changed other than colors and the perforated center that has was mentioned.

The seller is on this forum and is running a sale that ends tomorrow. The price is the same as the starting bid on eBay; however, you might want to take a look at the available options before buy the set on eBay.