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Anyone at Katie's in the AM

30 March 2009
The better half is away for the day so I am doing Katie's in the AM and the show later in the day at McLean Bible Church. Lookin' for some company if anyone's up to it.
Sorry Michael, have my daughter's in-laws in from Seattle. Traveling to Richmond tomorrrow. Enjoy.
Looks like the weather is going to give us a break tomorrow morning. I plan to drive up from Reva, Va. Anyone else plan to make the Cars and Coffee at Katie's?
I have a delivery of deck building materials coming so I have to pass on the 26th. If you want to come by and help move the materials afterwards...? :rolleyes:
Great turnout this morning. How great you ask? I met a guy on the way out who couldn't find his Ferarri! True story. Also, a great tribute to Carroll Shelby in the parking lot. Finally had an opportunity to meet unreasonable and spouse (02 Imola Orange). All have a great Memorial Day weekend!